Yoga 4 Students

Meditation for Students

Importance of Meditation for Students

Meditation is an extremely efficient means of increasing learning capacity as well. Meditation enables students of all ages to assimilate knowledge spontaneously, without effort. The child who practices Yog-Nidra (a technique of meditation) is remarkably improved; it can come as quite a surprise to see children reading books and solving mathematical problems that would have been much too difficult for them before.

Education innovators such as Dr. Georgy Lozanova, a Bulgarian psychologist and the founder and director of the Institute of Suggestopedy in Sofia, Are now utilizing yoga-nidra to create an atmosphere in which knowledge is gained without effort and can then be reawakened without knowledge.

Recognizing that the state of active and relaxed awareness in students awakens the desire to learn, improves memory, and, reduces inhibitions. It transfers the traditional classroom atmosphere. Students are comfortably installed in armchairs and the teachers gradually creates a spontaneous attitude of relaxed awareness through the medium of Yogasana and Meditation a carefully alternated way. As the class proceeds, the students effortlessly assimilate an enormous amount of specific knowledge which precipitates strain, tiredness, and loss of concentration.

School teachers in several countries are using Yog-Nidra to augment the capacity of receptivity and attention and to awaken the joy of learning in their young students.

At the University of California Medical Centre at Davis (U.S.A.), researchers concluded that Yog-Nidra is applicable for bedridden, incapacitated, and chronically affected patients of all degrees. They report that yoga-nidra can improve the lives of these patients in several distinct ways by:-

• Reliving insomnia,
• Sleep disturbances,
• Depression,
• Decreasing the requirements for analgesic, hypnotic, and sedative drugs.

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