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Shiv Yog Sadhna School of Yoga

Science of Living and Self Realization

Shiva Yog Sadhna School of Yoga is located in Ambala, Haryana, India nearest The City Beautiful Chandigarh, hardly 40 kilometers away. The Yoga Centre is a private stretch near the farms and provides all the necessary amenities. The Market is just a 2 min walk from our center.
The pure Air, the Sun and a lot kind of birds, offers you an opportunity of un-interrupted sunbathing paradise in Ambala. Its a perfect place for ones who want to be in touch with nature, one can simply go deep in Yoga Sadhna.
A Tropical Paradise awaits you at Shiva Yog Sadhna School of Yoga.

Join Online Yoga Courses As Per Your Requirement:

  • The course will be an important transformative experience in your life. You will learn to start teaching with confidence, helping others about yoga, through your own yoga experience and voice. Also, it is an opportunity to deepen your practice.
  • Our Affiliation process with ‘World Yoga Organization’ is completing. After the successful completion of the Teacher Training Course, the certificate will be provided. Which will be valid in more than 18  countries i.e. INDIA, USA, CHINA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, EUROPE, IRAN, IRAQ, KUWAIT, UAE, SRI LANKA, CANADA, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA & RUSSIA.
  • After the completion of our intensive course, the student will possess a firm foundation for teaching others, in addition to strengthening his or her own yoga practice with a proper understanding of core principles and techniques of yoga and Vedanta philosophy.
  • Upon successful graduation from the course, students receive a certificate of qualification.

Important Instructions

To register for the course please fill out the form and send it to our e-mail id for pre-registration No phone registrations. If you have any injuries or health concerns, please check with your doctor before registering for this course.

The minimum criteria:

• Age: 18 years
• Education: Schooling (10+2) should have been completed.
• Physically or mentally challenged persons are not applicable.
• No restrictions of nationality, religion, or race.
• People who have undergone surgery within 1 year, consult their doctor and attach a copy of the permission of the doctor.

Why Become A Certified Yoga Teacher?

Inspire Students and Change Lives: — Teaching yoga gives you a strong sense of purpose because you’re in the position to transform lives and share your passion for yoga. Not many jobs can say that! And it feels good. Every time you lead a class of yoga students, you’ll have a new opportunity to help others live more fulfilling, less stressful lives.

Set your own hours — Most yoga teachers only work for three or four hours per day, and the rest of the time is their own. You can also set your own hours.

Learn self-awareness while you teach —You may have heard that the best way to learn is to teach. It’s true! You’ll get back as much or more from your students as you give. They’ll look to you for direction, repaying your commitment with gratitude, enthusiasm, and new perspectives.

Live and breathe yoga — Let’s face it: living a healthy lifestyle is not easy these days. Once you started teaching yoga it gave you a renewed sense of purpose, and the energy to stay healthy and develop meaningful relationships. And in a new work environment, you found new friends and co-workers who were supportive and committed to a healthier way of living.

Support your community —You can share your love of yoga in a truly compassionate way by volunteering your teaching skills where they’re most needed. For example, you can teach at schools, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, or community centers.

Earn a Good Salary — Years ago, most yoga teachers hardly earned enough to get by. Not anymore! Today, certified and skilled teachers are highly specialized employees who are paid very well for their work.

Why Shiva Yog Sadhna School of Yoga?

  • Accreditation – Shiva Yog Sadhna is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with World Yoga Organization
  • Location – Shiva Yog Sadhna is nearest to the city beautiful Chandigarh
  • Perfectly designed – To teach & deepen your practice
  • Group Size – Small groups 5 – 10 students per batch so we can focus on each and every student
  • Traditional School – Traditional HATHA & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • Yoga Gurus – Highly Qualified and Experienced teachers. All are masters in their subjects
  • Recommendation – Highly recommended by past students
  • Booking process – Just in 4 simple steps booking with us is like a child-play
  • Courses – From beginners, to advanced we have courses for everyone

We are conducting 50-hours, 100-hours, 200-hours, 300-hours and 500-hours Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Programs that follow the Shiv Yog Sadhna and World Yoga Organization framework.

Course Certification

Upon course completion, you will receive certificate of completion. The 50 hours Yoga TTC does not count towards yoga teacher training hours, nor does it certify you as a yoga teacher. World Yoga Organization requires a minimum of 200 Hours of training. Therefore, if you are looking to obtain a certificate that makes you eligible to register as a yoga teacher with World Yoga Organization, please see our Complete TTC programs. All courses are valid in more than 18 Countries i.e. INDIA, USA, CHINA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, EUROPE, IRAN, IRAQ, KUWAIT, UAE, SRI LANKA, CANADA, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA & RUSSIA.

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