Yoga Teacher Training Course

200 Hours - Yoga Teacher Training Course

You might be practicing yoga on your own, or may be going to yoga studios in your city on and off or you may be practicing with online videos and now want to give it a professional turn. Whether you have knowledge of this ancient practice or you are just a beginner; Shiv Yog Sadhna School of Yoga Ambala, India helps you develop your understanding of yoga to such an extent that you will in turn be able to teach yoga professionally. Our graduates can register with World Yoga Organization as registered yoga teachers after successful completion of 200 hour YTTC.

In our TTC, we make sure to integrate well-rounded studies of yoga and bringing spirituality into the teachings and practices to support personal and spiritual growth of our students.

The 200 hour Teacher Training Course conducted at Shiv Yog Sadhna School of Yoga is purely residential and has a safe environment. The traditional hatha & ashtanga yoga practice in a residential environment will give you the experience of true yogic life. It may also bring you in touch with some of the best yoga instructors in and out of the classroom. The instructors have passion for and vast experience in yoga techniques and philosophy. They are ever ready and willing to impart their knowledge and facilitate your learning process. Shiv Yog Sadhna Ambala adopts the ancient approach to yoga to inculcate in each student the wisdom that yoga manifests. Teaching and learning is therefore designed in such a way that ethical practices are ingrained automatically in the students. In Shiv Yog Sadhna I had the best time of my life. With no particular reason, without doing any extraordinary things, I just felt continuously happy. And this wasn’t just a feeling of mine, it was spread all over the place. The strict schedule, which surprisingly we all followed easily, even cheerfully, the yoga, the mantras, the meditation sessions, the philosophy & anatomy classes, everything pushed us a little bit further towards our self-awareness and self-appreciation. I met amazing people, I felt as if the best ones had arrived from all over the world just to connect with each other. And the staff – teachers and helpers- were just as sweet as the sugar we didn’t taste for some weeks –their smile was the ultimate substitute. I learned so many things and I even lost a lot of weight! That was a bonus! Everything was just perfect.

200 Hours Yoga TTC is suitable for those…

  • Who are interested in a balance in lifestyle through health in both body and mind.
  • Who are interested in self-discovery through yoga philosophy, meditation and its practices.
  • Who wants to deepen their understanding and practice in a structured course after years of casually studying and practicing yoga as a hobby.
  • Who wants to build a solid foundation in yoga, not only in asana but its philosophy and other essential practices, as a based to deepen their future practices and studies of yoga.
  • Who aspires to share your experience by become an internationally recognized yoga teacher.

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

  1. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course- Full Time. Duration: 3 Weeks, Course Code: YTTC-05/3W/17
  2. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course- Part Time. Duration 8 Weeks, Course Code: YTTC-06/8W/52
  3. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course- Part Time. Duration 16 Weeks, Course Code: YTTC-07/16W/104

Starting Dates of New Batches

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course



2nd December 2020

6th January 2021

3rd February 2021

3rd March 2021

31st March 2021

5th May 2021

2nd June 2021

1st July 2021

4th August 2021

1st September 2021

6th October 2021

3rd November 2021

1st December 2021


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