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Contact Info
Regd. Office
(No Public Dealing):
Shiv Yog Sadhna
Sector-66, Mohali,
District Mohali, Punjab,
Our New branch opened in New Delhi also
No phone calls.
Please Whats App or SMS. for Appointments

Branch Office
Our Branch office will open very soon in Delhi


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News and Events
Yoga Workshop
Stress Management Yoga Workshops organized
Yoga Competitions
Bronze medal in 29th State Level Yoga Championship
Yoga Workshops in School
School & College
New Yoga Batches
New batches of Yoga group class are running.



   What is Yog (Yoga)?
The simple meaning of Yog is to add. But, here the meaning of Yog is to add Soul with the GOD. In the other way Yog is the science of purification of Body and Soul. Yog completely purifies the Body, mind and soul. Yog plays an important role in the development of a man’s qualities. Yog alone can faster a balance muscular system, elasticity of bones, proper circulation of blood in the body and proper function of glandular system. Practice of yog keeps us far away from ailments. If sometimes, ailments come our way we take no time to recover



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