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Pranayama Types

Types of Pranayam


Agnisar Pranayama
Agnisara is a cleansing practice where the internal fire is stoked thereby helping to heat up the body from within and stimulate digestion. Agnisara rquires pushing the navel against the spine as many times as possible.
Anulom-Vilom Pranayama–(Alternate Nostril Breathing)
This pranayama manipulates the flow of energy through the nadis (channels) in your body and ultimately brings about a balance of both stimulation and relaxation.
Bhastrika Pranayam
"Bhastrika" is a Sanskrit word meaning the "bellows of a blacksmith". Bellows breathing technique in which the breath is forcibly drawn in and out through the nose in equal proportions, like the pumping action of the bellows. Air is draw in drawn in and out forcefully like a bellows, so it is known as Bhastrika Pranayam.
Bhramari Pranayama
In this breathing practice a soft "humming-bee" sound is produced during exhalation. So this pranyama is named Bhramari.
Dirgh Pranayama — (Complete Breath)
Dirgh Pranyama or the complete breath focuses on the three chambers of the lungs. It teaches how to fill the three chambers — lower lungs, thoracic region and the clavicles region — with air. Hence, it is also known as the "three part breath".
Kapal Bhati
"Kapal" means "skull" (and by implication, the brain) and "Bhati" means "shines" in Sanskrit. This practice cleanses the nasal passages in the skull and other passages of the respiratory system.
Moorchha Pranayama
"Moorchhha" means "fainting" or "swooning breath" in which the breath is inhaled slowly and retained for an extended period.
Sheetali Breathing
"Sheetali Pranayama" or "cooling breath" - a pranayama technique that lowers the body temperature by inhaling through the mouth while letting the breath flow in over the tongue.
Sheetkari Breathing
"Sheetkari Pranayama" - a breathing technique which involves hissing leading to a cooling effect upon the whole body.
Surya Bhedi
In this breathing technique inhalation is done through the right nostril.
Ujjayi Breathing
A kind of breathing technique which produces a light sonorous sound.

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