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Contact Info
Regd. Office
(No Public Dealing):
Shiv Yog Sadhna
Sector-66, Mohali,
District Mohali, Punjab,
Our New branch opened in New Delhi also
No phone calls.
Please Whats App or SMS. for Appointments

Branch Office
Our Branch office will open very soon in Delhi


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News and Events
Yoga Workshop
Stress Management Yoga Workshops organized
Yoga Competitions
Bronze medal in 29th State Level Yoga Championship
Yoga Workshops in School
School & College
New Yoga Batches
New batches of Yoga group class are running.

Pranayam Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations of Pranayams
1.    The practice of Pranayam should be done in neat and open place Do not practice it at a dusty, dirty, dingy and stinky place.
2.    A place lashed by strong strong winds should be avoided.
3.    The practice of Pranayam should be increased only gradually.
4.    The practice should be done only on an empty stomach. Perform it two to four hours after meal and and half an hour before taking the meal.
5.    Do not practice Bhastrika and Surya-Bhedi Pranayams in summer
6.    Do not practice Sheelli, Sheetkari and Chandra-Bhedi Pranayams in winters
7.    To achieve a quick results in Pranayam, observe celibacy over a long period of time.
8.    Contrary to it, lack of celibacy and proper control over eating habits are great impediments in the way of spiritual Sadhna.
9.    It is always advisable to perform Pranayam after taking a bath, if, not take bath after half an hour.
10.In case of sweat instead of wiping it with a towel, massage the body with hands and see the results.
11.Never give a break to the practice of Pranayam. It should be practiced constantly and consistently, otherwise there will be slow progress, etc.


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