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  Mudra – (Hand and Finger Postures)  

Mudra is the science of hand and finger postures. It can help to cure bodily ailments in a wonderful manner. It affects the body's energetic sysytem and the flow of prana (life energy) within it. It actually helps in balancing the five elements ( panch-tattvas ) in the human system to their optimal levels.  

Abhaya Mudra
"Abhaya" means "fearless". Abhaya Mudra represents protection, peace, benevolence, and dispelling of fear. 

Gyan Mudra
"Gyan" means "knowledge". It is the gesture of knowledge. This mudra is considered to bestow intelligence and
wisdom. Hence the name. 

Linga Mudra
"Linga" or "Angustha" means "phallus". Thumb is a symbol of masculinity. 

Prithvi Mudra
"Prithvi" means "Earth". This mudra helps balance the earth element in the body. 

Purna Gyan Mudra
This is the mudra of Lord Buddha. 

Shunya Mudra
"Shunya" means "zero" or "sky". Sky is connected with the highest forces - with the "upper person" - with head. 

Surya Mudra
"Surya" means "sun". Sun is the source of energy. Virtue of its energy is present in all living beings. Surya mudra attracts energy of the Sun.
Varuna Mudra
"Varuna" means "water" in Sanskrit. It balances the water element in the body. 

Vaayu Mudra
"Vaayu" means "air" in Sanskrit. It balances the air element in the body. 

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