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Antarang Ang (Internal Limbs)
 Antarang Ang (Internal Limbs): There are three types of limbs in the internal limbs ,i.e:
1   Dharna ,
2   Dhyaan,
3   Samadhi

Antarang Ang (Internal Limbs):

1                Dharna:

After Pratyahaar is established, second step is that of Dharna. Binding or imprint on Chitt (mind) of a particular thing is called Dharna. Dharna is also called as “Traatak”. There are two types of Dharna: 1. Baahya Dharna (External Dharna)2. Aantrik Dharna (Internal Dharna).

1   Bahya Dharna(External): It is a simple and easy technique of developing the concentration of mind and mental focusing by gazing at an object constantly. It may be a candle, a point, A star, the moon, etc.

2   Aantrik Dharna (Internal): It is an automatic process in meditation e.g. meditation on Breathing, Chakras, etc.

2                Dhyaan (Meditation):

What is most surprising is that in our daily life we practice Dhyaan in all walks of life. The detachment of sense organs from outward objects after having achieved the stability of our body and looking inward is Dhyaan.

“The state of mind wherein there are no sensual thoughts is Dhyaan (Meditation).”

3                Samadhi (Turiya): Turiya state, deep state of Dhyaan (Meditation), state of self-realization. Turiya is the state of self-realization,the state of perennial bliss which is the ultimate aim of Yog.




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