Basic Yoga Teacher Training Course

100 Hours – Basic Yoga Teacher Training Course

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Ambala, Haryana, India serves as the comprehensive & advanced program for the seekers willing to study deep and intensive yoga curriculum.

The 100 Hour Yoga teacher training program in Ambala, Haryana, India is a comprehensive course introduces you with the principles of yoga philosophy and history.

It also assists you to enhance and master yoga asanas in cycle with the outstanding result on anatomy. You will be practicing daily pranayama and meditation alongside vocalizing. You will also notice their strengthening and equalization qualities. Which will bring you an understanding of the yogistic discipline.

This short TTC program allows those interested to study the arts of yoga in a structured and holistic approach. Our school aims to bring depth of understanding and practice into the foundations of yoga studies. The program is designed to integrate body, mind and breath practices to achieve a well-rounded yoga study to inspire students in their personal and spiritual growth

The curriculum covers the fundamental elements of yoga based on essential subjects consisting of pranayama, shat karma, asana practices, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and meditation. For asana practices, our school focus on Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga styles of asana. Students will go through 6 days of training with 1 rest day per week.

100 Hours Yoga TTC is suitable for those…

  • Who are beginners who want a structured and holistic approach study of yoga
  • Who have been casually studying and practicing yoga as a hobby
  • Who are interested in understanding and studying yoga in a holistic approach from a solid foundation
  • Who are interested in a short course to find a balance in life through body and mind
  • Who are interested in yoga philosophy, meditation and its practices
  • Who are registered RYT and wants to collect Continuing Education training hours.

100 Hours Basic Yoga Teacher Training Course

  1. 100 Hours Basic Yoga Teacher Training Course – Part Time. Duration 4 Weeks, Course Code: BYTTC-03/4W/26
  2. 100 Hours Basic Yoga Teacher Training Course – Full Time. Duration 10 Days, Course Code: BYTTC-04/10D/9

Starting Dates of New Batches

100 Hours Basic Yoga Teacher Training Course



2nd December 2020

6th January 2021

3rd February 2021

3rd March 2021

31st March 2021

5th May 2021

2nd June 2021

1st July 2021

4th August 2021

1st September 2021

6th October 2021

3rd November 2021

1st December 2021


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